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Risk-Prioritized Vulnerability Mitigation

“Vulnerability Mitigation is all about root cause addressment”

Risk-Prioritized Vulnerability Mitigation

“Vulnerability Mitigation is all about root cause addressment”

by Faisal Ansari

Almost all businesses are faced with a significant task to address recently-discovered security vulnerabilities This is just added operational burden that must be tackled, and rather quickly too. Many of our clients have successfully relied on our assistance with mitigation of these vulnerabilities while they continue  to focus on strategic initiatives.

As our team continues to address each vulnerability, our clients are able to provide meaningful assurance to their executive leadership as well as legislative bodies that they are taking the matter of patching security vulnerabilities seriously.

Due to the sheer volume of findings and the fact that it requires significant internal coordination between various entities, both business and IT, our clients love the fact that our team members are not just techies. They can also speak with business context, a necessary political ingredient to ensure long term success.

As we work to reduce the sheer number of vulnerabilities, we also focus on the root cause that prompts repeat offense. As we bring this to light, our clients can focus on strategic initiatives to reduce recurring vulnerability findings across the enterprise.

In alignment with industry good practices, we facilitate prioritization of mitigation to reduce the overall risk as fast as possible.

Some of the deliverables that we typically produce in this type of an engagement include

·        Initial Vulnerability Prioritization Report: This includes grouping of findings and determine if strategic projects can be spun up to address findings at bulk. This report also provides initial and high level executive guidance on each of the strategic initiatives identified.

·        Weekly Vulnerability Status Report: Team also provides a weekly updates on the status of Vulnerability Mitigation work and report on any net new vulnerabilities reported, as well as the plan of action.

This risk centric approach to delivering vulnerability mitigation and patch management services has provided measurable benefit to many of our global clients. We don’t just focus on the patching tasks; we determine the root cause to reduce recurrence and help reduce operational load.

Having taken a holistic approach to promote adoption of good business practices, we have assisted many large and small enterprises embark on the journey to risk-prioritized vulnerability management.

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