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Leveraging Cross Industry Experience

Our Industry knowledge is a catalyst to your success!

Leveraging Cross Industry Experience

Our Industry knowledge is a catalyst to your success!

by anas

Industries We Serve

Each industry requires a unique perspective to business and technology governance. Priorities are governed in a different manner for government sector as compared to telecommunications and healthcare companies face challenges that may be non-existent in the oil and gas industry.

Trustmarq Gloabal Services has teams of dedicated and vertical-focused subject matter professionals who possess depth and breadth of not only the subject matter at hand, but also the industry trends, knowledge, regulations, and good practices.We’ve developed service delivery tools, methodologies and good practice guidelines based on years of experience with top companies in all major industries.

Please review our industry perspective and insights below:


Enabling clients to overcome their business challenges requires an in-depth understanding of the relevant industry. Just as generally acceptable good business practices and technology standards can transcend across industries, specific mandates industry regulations have the potential to overly influence the business direction.

Our team of industry-focused professionals continue to help clients build their business practices and processes around their specific business needs rather than industry requirements and mandates, thus attaining a thought leadership role in how business can be conducted effectively, while adhering to mandates, but not making it a primary focus.

We apply the necessary business context, leverage our broad industry understanding, and experience in the relevant domains to ensure that our clients to ensure effectiveness of their business process, while implementing continual improvements to achieve operating efficiencies.

Utilities & Energy

We have successfully delivered engagements on both the Information Technology (IT) and Operating Technology (OT) environments. Our experience spans from corporate IT to plant and field operations, inclusive of generation, transmission, and distribution business units.

Our teams have also provided measurable business value in the nuclear field, providing information and data assurance across all organizational boundaries.

Some of our prominent clients served include Southern Company, Kansas City Power & Light, Xcel Energy, and Westar Energy.

Financial Services

The fast-paced financial services industry demands domain expertise at lightening speed, and with no compromises. This is why clients such as large wall street commercial banks, brokerage companies, investment banking firms, hedge fund firms, insurance companies, and credit card processors call upon us to ensure timely success of their strategic initiatives. Some of the recent domain focus areas have been cyber security behavioral and predictive analytics, role based data access assurance, GRC automation, and audit remediation work.

Some of our prominent clients include Suntrust Bank, Experian, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Voya Financial, MetLife, Blue Cross Blue Shield System, Aetna and others.


Serving clients in the healthcare sector has been one of our core focus areas. Our service coverage includes healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, and informatics clients.

Our teams have helped major hospital systems secure their environments and reduce overall risk, ensuring adherence to the HIPAA/HITECH legislation.

Insurance companies have called upon us to focus on fraud reduction, increasing operating efficiencies, and ensure secure business transactions, as well as merger and acquisition support.

Our work with pharmaceuticals has included Business to IT strategic realignment, security benchmarking and standardization, and more.

Health Informatics providers consult with us on their need to safeguard their cloud infrastructure, and ensure that the right architectural models are built to cater to their multi-tenancy requirements. They also work with us on advanced analytics initiatives.

Our teams have served clients such as Texas Children’s Hospital, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Metlife, Allstate, Pfizer, Becton Dickinson, Change Healthcare, General Electric and so on.

Public Sector

Our public sector experience spans from federal agencies and global non-governmental organizations (NGO) to state, county, city and other municipal entities. Having delivered projects that required up to top secret clearances, we have brought our vast experience in the public sector to benefit state and local organizations to improve their cyber security posture, reduce their operational risk, and ensure adherence to regulatory and statutory mandates.

Having contributed to several industry standards from NIST and other institutions, our practitioners have turned their delivery practices into industry standards, such as NIST 800 series special publications, and have been avid promoters of platforms standards from organizations such as DISA, NSA, and others.

The public sector client portfolio that our people have served include U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Georgia, USAID, City of Atlanta, and others.

Oil & Gas

Our teams carry experience working with the oil and gas industry clients. having served clients in the Upstream, Downstream, Pipeline, and Informatics sub-sectors, we understand the industry as a whole. Our portfolio of services has traditionally focused on business resiliency, industrial controls security, Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information protection.

Some of our sector clients include Qatar Petroleum, Quanta Services, British Petroleum, Sunoco, and others.


Portfolio of services delivered in the Communications sector include clients with critical infrastructure mandates, as well as international telecommunications firms with a global footprint. Our teams have real world experience with the enterprise IT and subscriber environments, inclusive of cable, wireless, and satellite communications.

We have worked with relevant government agencies in pursuit of federally mandated cyber security controls to ensure that the communications aspect of the US critical infrastructure attains and maintains an acceptable level of protection and resilience. We have also been on the forefront of defining new industry standards for secure communications with new and emerging technologies such as LTE, and have delivered measurable business success to our clients.

Some of the most prominent clients served by our teams include AT&T, du Telecom, CenturyLink, Cox, Cablevision, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Time Warner.

Aerospace & Aviation

“We have several years of experience working with our aviation and aerospace clients. Ranging from defense contractors, companies aligned with NASA, commercial airliners, to underpinning industry providers that are integral to the success of the industry.

We have also worked closely with aviation regulatory bodies and airport authorities in fulfillment of their business objectives related to Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance, and IT Strategy and Service Transformation.

Our professionals have served leading industry players such as Delta Airlines, Travelport, SITA, and others.”

Higher Education

Our teams were privileged to be part of the Internet-2 revolution. Working with major universities, our practitioners contributed to the early standards of Internet-2, and have routinely worked with universities and school systems to improve business performance and protection levels.

Some of our most notable work in the education sector has been benchmarking and standardization of IT systems and controls, migrating traditional IT services to the cloud, cyber security data exchange with other institutions and government agencies, consolidation of authentication and authorization platforms, and facilitate secure research & development (R&D) facilities for protection of student and research data.

Our portfolio of education sector clients include University of California, University of South Carolina, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania, Fulton County Georgia School Systems, to name a few.


We actively participate in local and regional non-profit initiatives to give back to the community. With this community focus, our teams understand that proper allocation of limited resources available to non-profits mandates zero waste in dollars, time and effort. Fully realizing this core business focus, our service delivery model works well with non-profits as we help them maximize their investment, leverage client personnel in delivery of our services as much as possible, and reduce our footprint as much as possible.

This delivery model ensures continued success of each initiative as our role is mostly in an advisory capacity. While we roll up our sleeves as needed to ensure success of a project, this model helps reduce the overall cost, and eliminate “assessment fatigue”.

Some of our prominent clients in this industry include Boys & Girls Club of America, Church Pension Group, American Cancer Society, and local/regional faith-based organizations.

Other Services

Our teams have served other industries such as Aviation, Advertising and Public Relations, Automotive, Cloud Services, Gaming and Leisure, Heavy Industry, Retail and Manufacturing, Hospitality and Lodging, Media and Broadcasting, Professional Services, and the Travel & Logistics Sector.

Notable clients served by our professionals include Delta Airlines, Travelport, SITA, McGraw Hill, Ford, Volvo, Amazon, Williams, US Steel, Walmart, Kennametal, Marriott, Hilton, Turner, Big4 Consultancies, UPS, Fedex and many more.