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An increasing number of businesses are opting to hire an interim CISO to not only keep the business steered in the right direction and ensure business as usual, this is also an opportunity to perform a rapid benchmarking against internal and external mandates.

So by the time a permanent replacement is selected, any necessary course corrections have been identified by an independent and an experienced CISO. Even if the identified corrections are not fully implemented, this sets the stage for the next CISO to succeed in his/her role.

CISOaaS™ Benefits

  • Quick availability of industry-certified and continually engaged CISO’s across global enterprises
  • Need-based delivery model without the HR overhead
  • Flexibility to scale with time and changing business needs
  • Aids customer in maintaining an acceptable level of protection posture and provides necessary momentum that carries over to the permanent CISO hire.
  • Carrier-sized runway needed to get started with rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Cross-industry experiences and lessons- learned applied for maximum benefit
  • Dedicated team of CISO deployed at various clients, exchanging latest and greatest methods, trends, and techniques to fast-track progress across all CISOaaS engagements
  • Measurable performance metrics
  • Clear charted path to increased operational maturity

We have served as interim and/or fractional CISO for many client organizations. This stands true for various other leadership roles that take a significant time to fill, while the business takes a hit with no one at the helm. Our CISO-on-demand can not only keep the business steered in the right direction, he/she can also embark on a rapid transformation to ensure that by the time a permanent replacement is hired, any necessary program course correction has at least been identified, even if not fully implemented. Graceful handoff of CISO duties to the newly hired replacement ensures complete knowledge transfer, and sharing of lessons learned, allowing the new CISO to start achieving success in a relatively shorter timeframe.

Our risk-based approach to CISO as Service has helped many Fortune 100 organizations transform their Cybersecurity, risk, and compliance program for a singular, holistic approach to safeguarding their organizations. Contact us to hear more about our various success stories on this subject matter.