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"Embracing Best Practices can transform 'red tape' into a ribbon cutting ceremony”

"Embracing Best Practices can transform 'red tape' into a ribbon cutting ceremony”

by anas


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) primarily influences an organization’s culture, much more so than its business processes or technology platforms. For this reason, updates to business processes and/or upgrades to technology platforms, or even purchasing “silver bullet” platforms will not help an organization achieve GDPR compliance. A cultural acceptance is required and change must occur from within the core of the organization for continual GDPR compliance to take root.


However, since the regulations are foundationally underpinned by controls, processes, and metrics that are already defined in best practice standards and frameworks, why not focus on the foundation and then build the house before trying to rearrange the furniture? Investments already made must be leveraged to reduce the financial burden of GDPR compliance.

When best practice is embraced and sustained, demonstrating compliance is simply a natural presentation of evidence, and that’s where real value is achieved.

Trustmarq offers a full lifecycle of advisory and consulting services to address GDPR-driven business challenges. Regardless of which stage you’re in with your compliance initiatives, our team of seasoned privacy, risk and security practitioners can help at every step of the lifecycle.

Services Offered

Our GDPR and overall Privacy services are listed as follows:

Our risk centric approach to delivering GDPR and Privacy related services has provided measurable benefit to many of our global clients. We don’t just focus on the regulation; we also focus on enablers that ensure success of your GDPR compliance program.

Having taken a holistic approach to promote adoption of good business practices, we have assisted many large and small enterprises embark on the journey to GDPR compliance.

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Our team of certified DPO professionals and experienced Privacy professionals are ready to help with your organization's business needs. Whether you are just getting started, or experiencing a momentary vacuum due to departure of your DPO or Privacy leadership, we can hit the ground running. While we make sure that your business can continue to manage its Privacy/GDPR business needs, we can assist in preparing for any upcoming audits, help with search and placement of a permanent DPO, and also educate and coach the newly hired DPO regarding the organizational state, culture, and initiatives in motion. This orderly handoff ensures a smooth transition and complete knowledge transfer to the new DPO, and allows for continuation of business functions as usual. Our team can optionally continue in an advisory capacity as needed and requested afterwards. 

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Starting with a clear definition of organizational scope, this service benchmarks the current state of an organization with what’s expected of it, as per the organizational scope. Any measured deficiencies are documented, from which, a prioritized roadmap of initiatives is delivered that focuses on improvements to business processes, technology platform enhancements, data governance recommendations, expansion of training and awareness scope, and most importantly, management actions that directly influence and impact the organizational culture. 

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Whether we take a top-down approach (start with in-scope business services) or a bottom-up approach (search and categorize data stores), or a combination of both, the true purpose of a data discovery service serves the age-old logic that you can't manage what you don't know about. Depending on organizational maturity, this discovery could lead to several side benefits as well as surprises. Though this is one of the first steps taken on the road to GDPR compliance. 

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Our team of privacy and more specifically, GDPR specialists, can provide strategic guidance and leverage real world experiences to accelerate your GDPR compliance initiatives. If you don't have a formal program in place, we can help you create one. If you have various initiatives in motion in various parts of the organization, we can help you bring them under one program umbrella that ensures that the program as a whole gets the strategic focus that it deserves. If you have made significant progress, but looking for ways to do more with less, we can help with achieving operational efficiencies within your GDPR portfolio. Either way, your challenge is unique to your organization, and we are here to listen, and contribute as needed. 

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One of the key success criteria for GDPR compliance is a strategic focus on data governance and data lifecycle management. When faced with the challenge of not directly "owning" data governance, GDPR program executives often face initiative slow-downs or are simply not able to execute some of their GDPR initiatives. Helping to ensure that GDPR stakeholders are considered "champions", not "sponsors" by other business stakeholders, we help our clients attain a liaison status within parts of the organization not directly under their control. This service is about influencing the organizational culture to achieve common business objectives and relies on executive outreach, awareness sessions, common discovery workshops, and plenty of social interactions to achieve the desired results. 

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Leveraging our vast experience with establishing and improving corporate training and awareness programs, we have assisted our clients with a core focus on privacy, cybersecurity, risk, and compliance and delivered programs that are customized for their unique business model as well as the audience. Key differentiator is the cultural alignment of each component delivered to ensure higher levels of retention.

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