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by Satnam Sandhu

From the desk of the President:

My name is Sadaf Tatari, and I am the President of Trustmarq Global Services, a minority and woman-owned small business.

I am writing today to highlight the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our corporate culture. These are core attributes of who we are and how we work. We hold a collective commitment to promote an environment where all differences are valued but not judged, practices are equitable and everyone experiences a sense of belonging — where people are driven to perform inclusively in their interactions every day.

Our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion is based on the primary principle that every person in our company positively influences our overall culture, rather than molding themselves to fit a culture that may have stagnated over time. This brings open thought at all levels of the organization and promotes an agile working environment. Including varying viewpoints in our decision-making, business processes and actions is fundamental to establishing long-term value for our people and measurable value for our clients. When we do this, we build a company that is considered a part of every one of us, not just an employer of us.

Our executive leadership’s intent towards diversity, equity, and inclusion must be evident in everything we do. Accordingly, this intent is communicated, and practically integrated into our internal workflows as well as client service delivery framework, as well as required as part of our HR recruitment practices.

We believe that what defines us a person plays a key role in how we come together as a team. Attributes such as age, race, nationality, religion, language, education, gender and gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, working and thinking styles, abilities and disabilities, experiences, career paths, technical skills, are simply means for us to bring unique perspectives to the team and help grow tolerance and create friendship, leading to a sense of family.

We are committed to holding the strategy, policies and accountability in place to build and sustain a diverse global workforce, equitable processes and systems, and an inclusive environment. Regardless of the level in the organization, everyone must play a constructive part to ensure that we make everyone feel welcome and empowered.


Sadaf Tatari
President – Trustmarq Global Services, Inc.

Published On: January 24, 2020